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Lifetime experience - by Hanna K. on TripAdvisor

We booked our Kili trek from overseas and were lucky to choose Uhuru Smiles. John and his team took an outstanding care of us since we arrived at the airport. We climbed Marangu route for 5 days. Everything was well planned, the food was just delicious and our guides Chuwa and Denis were very supportive, especially on the summit day.

After the climb we wanted to join a group for safari. John found a tour for us, personally brought us from Moshi to Arusha to make sure everything goes well.

Thank you very much John, we really had a great time!

Hana and Patrik

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Amazing - by SERPIL YILMAZ on TripAdvisor

I had 3 days safari trip with Uhuru Smiles company. I was very satisfied with Mr John and the team. The lodge where I stayed and the safari trip were very good and very well organised. Thank you so much Mr John and the team.

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Many thanks Uhuru smiles! - by Niklas on TripAdvisor

"Really excellent experience to climb mount Kilimanjaro together with Uhuru smiles and its team of qualified, competent and nice staff. I reached my goal and reached the summit and had a nice time. Very thankful and happy with this experience! Would contact them again if I go back."

Great Experience - by Odyssey on TripAdvisor

Uhuru smiles helped me and my girlfriend have a great experience climbing Kilimanjaro! The guides made sure that we were comfortable and well during the whole climp.
They even helped us before the climb would start because of my girlfriends flight was delayed so she had to stay for one night i Moshi. I wrote the situation to John, who was i charge of our trip and he told me not to worry, he would help us.
5 out of 5, would totally reccoment them for the hike!

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Uhuru peak trekking via Machame Rout with UHURU SMILES Trekking Company - by Michal_Wolosiuk on TripAdvisor

Great expirience of reaching Kilimanjaro's highest peak. Epic journey, with great landscapes, trully amazing trip. Staff provided by company was very proffesional , and really helpful, especially guides. i'm totally recomending it.

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Kilimanjaro whit Uhuru Smiles - by Annika T on TripAdvisor

We had a very nice experience with Uhuru smiles. Our guide was genuinely concerned that we were doing well. He was always in a good mood and nice to chat with. The food on the trip was absolutely amazing. The carriers, cook and assistant guide also made sure we had a nice week in the mountains. If you are going to climb Kilimanjaro, I certainly recommend Uhuru Smiles. Not only are they good, but they are also cheap compared to other companies.

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Ngorongoro Safari with Uhuru Smiles - by PaperFlower on TripAdvisor

I think that going on safari can always be a gamble as to what you see, but with a visit to Ngorongoro you are guaranteed to see a lot of animals in their natural environment. I'll never forget seeing the rhino roll over, or the lioness and her two cubs walking right past our car, or waiting for the buffalo to cross the road. There is a designated picnic sight with views over the hippo pool, and there are washroom facilities for comfort breaks. An amazing, enchanting, wonderful place!

With a great safari tour operator you don't have to worry about anything but bringing your camera, binoculars, khaki and sunglasses, and Uhuru Smiles looked after me wonderfully. They provided water, a delicious lunch, comfortable lodging before/afterwards, and an excellent car and driver (David) who really knew his stuff, and had eyes like an eagle!

I can't recommend this place as a safari destination enough, or the company who took me there.

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Machame Route + 2 day safari with Uhuru Smiles - by Bob V on TripAdvisor

In July my brother and I did the 7-day Machame route with a two-day safari extension in Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater national parks. This was well organized by ‘Uhuru Smiles’.

We have chosen this company, because it is the one who offers the best value for money. As students we couldn’t afford a hike with the big companies like Zara tours, etc. While with Uhuru we could. However, please keep in mind that this is a budget operator! You will notice this in the equipment you will use. It is all acceptable with no cost cutting in safety, but it is just less luxurious. E.g. you will eat in your own tent, and not in a separate tent. You will need to use the public toilet, etc… Like said before, these are not necessities but rather luxuries. As students, Uhuru fitted our profile the best. The provided crew ticked all the boxes in terms of requirements. Nice guys, who could get us to the top in a safe and fun manner.

Also keep in mind that tipping on Kilimanjaro is more a kind of obligation than something that is up to your own discretion. This was something we didn’t take into account and ended up being a nasty surprise. Keep the range of 5-10% of the grand total in mind for the amount of tipping.

Finally, I can certainly recommend Uhuru Smiles based on the fact that he offers the best value for money which we will get you to the top.

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