Tipping on Kilimanjaro and Safari in East Africa

Tipping/Gratuities in the Tanzanian Tourism Industry

Gratuities in the Tanzanian tourism industry generally follow the North American system. Tourists are expected to tip their safari staff and staff working at most restaurants and hotels. The following information provides a guide to tipping while on safari. The information is a collection of tipping recommendations from guidebooks as well as our company’s experience with tipping in Tanzania. 

Please remember that all our staff are paid and no one relies on tips as a substitute for wages. As with any tipping situation, if you enjoy your experience, give a generous tip. If you do not enjoy your experience, adjust the tip accordingly.

Recommended Safari Staff Tips

Driver/Guide: US $15 - US $20 per day per guide 

Chef: US $15 - US $20 per day per chef (adventure camping safari only) 

Kindly note, our safari staff should be tipped equally.

Please note that the tip is per guide per day, not per traveler per day. For example, if you are in a group of four travelers that would like to tip the driver $20/day, each traveler would contribute $5/day to the tip kitty. The guide’s total tip at the end of a seven-day safari would be US $140. It is best to tip at the end of the safari.

Hotels and Restaurants

Tips are expected at high-end luxury hotels and lodges. While tips are also expected at moderately priced safari lodges, not all patrons tip. Tips are not expected at restaurants and hotels frequented by locals. Most tourist lodges and hotels will have tip boxes at the reception desk. You can tip hotel staff individually, place a tip for all hotel staff in the tip box, or do both. Tips can be made in local currency, USD, Euros, or Sterling.

Recommended Mountain Staff Tips

Generally, you should budget between 10% and 15% of your total climb cost for tips. If you are traveling in a small group, you should contribute more per person to the tip kitty. We provide a list of your crew as well as jobs performed on the day you begin your climb. Please use this list to allocate tips. Tips are generally distributed at the last camp or hut on Kilimanjaro and Meru.

Head Guide: US$15 - US$20 per day per guide 

Assistant Guide: US$10 - US$15 per day per guide 

Cook: US$10 - US$15 per day per cook 

Porter: US$5 - US$10 per day per porter